Five-day walking challenge

The five-day walking challenge is a week-long celebration of the walk to school, brought to you by Living Streets. This year’s challenge focuses on the walking superpowers which benefit individuals, communities, and the planet.

Classes work collectively to make as many active journeys to school as possible across one week. Each day, the number of active journeys made is recorded on the classroom wallchart and the class learns about a new walking superpower. Those that participate receive daily stickers and an end of week reward!

Classroom packs contain resources for up to 30 pupils and are available in KS1/P1-3 and KS2/P4-7 variants, featuring differing, age-appropriate activities.

Each classroom pack contains:
  • Teacher guidance and parent information
  • One double-sided classroom wallchart / pledge poster
  • Daily stickers for pupils and wallchart
  • 30 pupil activity diaries
  • 30 end of week pupil rewards

Packs are undated and can be used at any time of your choosing.


Delivery information

All available items will be delivered within 14 days.

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